Gradients in logo design – Pros and cons

Gradients In Logo Design – Pros and cons

When it comes to adding gradients in a logo design there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Gradients can bring an added dimension to logos if carried out well, but there can be issues.

In this video, we will look at some of the potential issues that may come up, including:

• Legibility
• Colour Depth
• Printing

Logos need to be used in a myriad of places and reproduced in all manner of ways. By being aware of any potential problems that a gradient may bring, you can make the decision on whether or not your logo will benefit from using gradients or not.

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7 thoughts on “Gradients in logo design – Pros and cons

  1. Fascinating optical illusion with the big "U," as it turns out to be perfectly symmetrical when viewed as one color. It's SO hard to see that in the two color version. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Excellent stuff on gradients! Shadows are tricky, too. Can be cool, but we must be careful and think through all the variables.

  2. Hi Col. Great video, I'm currently designing a logo with gradients, but also supplying full black and full white versions. I wonder these days, however, do you think that the need to optimise a logo in svg format for the web or a website is really necessary? Surely the majority of kb / data/ size can be saved by optimising images (where you can make real savings in terms of image size) compared to the few kbs saved by reducing the number of colours in a gradient is neither here nor there if you are optimising your images properly?

    The embroidery issue is obviously a thing, but are we limiting ourselves (or our gradients rather) for the sake of the limitations of an embroidery machine?

  3. Hey, Today I binge watched about 40 of your videos, and I just want to say they are really interesting and entertaining. Thank you very much!
    Is there any books you can recommend for someone who has a casual interest in graphic design?

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