? Logo Design Critique Live Stream

We review a ton of logos that we submitted to us in this episode. Get advice on how to improve your logo design w/ expert advice from Chris Do. Join us for another exciting logo critique Live Stream!

Jelvin Base
lettering artist

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50 thoughts on “? Logo Design Critique Live Stream

  1. The point is to choose A certain cluster of strong dudes to successfully crowd-surf or if not planned right could have you jumping at A group of scary girls who all just move out of your way before hitting the cement floor. Ouch lol

  2. You can't ruin the form of the trident by moving the top and bottom lines. Then it won't look like a trident anymore, the syllable breakup is negligible in that design.

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    While watching I had an idea, hope it can be helpful.
    It would even better to add some more logo editing to make it more illustrative. Maybe it could be done prior to the stream, bcs it takes time to edit online – as it was with Outsiders logo and it didn't look nice. But it could have looked nicer, if it had been done before the streaming. Still, the idea was clear and it was okay. I've just watched 25 min so far and stopped on Bookworm logo, but still had the feeling that something was missing.
    There is a designer Zimri Mayfield, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqd2YmFeHMwxlj4NcN5zPQ here's his channel.
    I like watching him bcs of this editing process, but he is not streaming, just uploading the final videos.

  4. Anyone else noticing that the first logo looks like it's smiling, while the slogan is Delivering Happiness. That made my smile.

    I realises the plug and socket afterwards, but the first thing I noticed was the B and the smiley face.

  5. The first logo looks alot like / uses the same concept as "ed's electric" logo which can be seen on alot of the logo inspiration site. I guess it opens the old age question of how much do you need to change something up to be considered original.

  6. Just asking out of curiosity, when will you guys make design crit again? I love these kind of series because i have some designs, and I need professionals to rate you know what is needed to be improve in… Because i feel like i'm stuck right now! Thank you! You guys are the best!

  7. I feel like the Trident logo had shorter bars on the top and bottom to subtly make it look like a trident… or is it just me? haha

  8. Totally bummed to know Chris was in the Philippines for Graphika Manila 2018. I took up Information Design in college but put graphics aside to do retail marketing instead (more design as problem solving than aesthetics). I started brushing up on graphic design again a few weeks ago and The Futur has helped TREMENDOUSLY. And I missed Chris by just a few weeks. Boo.

    Graphika Manila 2019, maybe? Saw that Jelvin has a little survey/petition to get Chris back here to teach too!

  9. Thanks for this Chris – please keep going with the critiques as it helps us all understand why things work and why things don't – super helpful mate!

  10. Thanks for critiquing my logo! (Chef's Choice)

    Too bad i missed the live stream! Just a suggestion, maybe tell the designers they are gonna be featured beforehand? I would be more than willing to participate.

  11. I love all of the rest of the content that Futur creates but this is a dumb idea. A brand is so much more than just the logo. Nobody ever sees a logo floating in blank space in the real world. This is only perpetuating the overly simplified idea of what branding is in a lot of clients eyes.

  12. Always love the logo series. As it shows every logo should be designed in black and white, later comes the colour part. But it should stand in black and white.
    What should be done if someone wants a logo with a vignette in it or a little mix of colour in it or abstract shapes?
    For example:
    https://www.facebook.com/sktheeventguru/photos/a.1150403548383384.1073741825.1150401571716915/1150403568383382/?type=1&theater (I designed this one, and still think was it good or bad)
    Will that be considered a good logo or a bad logo? Some clients want it that way and do not agree if you…
    Please guide Master Do

  13. It is always entertaining to watch the logo critique videos. The highlight is when you start to think along the same lines as Chris, although it doesn't happen very often. Great video and I always learn something.

  14. These episodes are great, more logo critiques! Possibly even some layout (editorial) and illustration critiques? Think these are more helpful than anything else.

  15. Thank you so much for the valuable content, I personally learned more from the slower paced videos, but I understand that you are creating new videos with a different direction in mind…

  16. It is always a pleasure to hear you guys and see all these different sensibilities and points of view within the team, but one thing that blows me away is Chris' eagle eye and clear thinking. I have been a designer for 25 years and you say things in a clear manner like I never heard before. Keep it up!

  17. I only recently Started with Logo Designing , I Usually Start by getting a good Idea , the kind of role playing Business man and client . Afterwards I go and plan everything out , do drawings , expand , and a lot of the times I have to do this process a lot . But since I've been watching The Futur videos I have gotten a lot more to work with , I found it easier to do certain things and I started making my designs less complicated and more simple . All thanks to you !! you are all awesome ! <3

  18. Think the i on that Paper Clip logo should've been converted to uppercase to remove the tittle. That stood out as being out of place and odd to me. Also would've used a more condensed typeface with even rounder counters (i.e. Mensch light etc.) but you guys/Jelvin were definitely headed in the right direction. It's always fun for me when I'm watching and you guys say exactly what I'm thinking.

  19. I've always liked when designers approach subject matter from another perspective. The act of reducing the lion to a silly, cute creature actually helps to create a point of difference. This brand to me looks down-to-earth and playful, which would be totally changed if the designer had played into the majesty of the lion.

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