How to design a logo with golden Ratio #2 | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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How to design a logo with golden Ratio #2 | Adobe Illustrator Logo DesignTutorial.
Hello everyone and thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to make more videos.

Many of you asked me to make another golden ratio tutorial,
and I already planned to make a series of theme,
maybe once a month.

So I decided today to show you how to make a logo design using
the golden circles.
In the previous Golden Ratio Tutorial, I started by making a Fibonacci rectangle where the ratio is
approximately 1.618.
Today we will make a perfect golden rectangle where the ratio is always exactly equal to 1.618,
and I will show you a very easy way to directly make the golden circles, then we will use the circles to grid our logo, which is based on a sketch that I already made.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you are willing to make the same logo, you are free to download the sketch and the colors from the link below, and please share your design with me on my Facebook page.

Thank you!!

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Background birds sound:
Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend
licensed under CC BY 2.0


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  1. Sir I don't have computer ,
    I have a phone ,logo designs I like most ! Can you give my any suggestion now what can I do now .I have no sufficient affordability for a computer.

  2. One of the best instructors i have come across. Your videos are fully understandable and detailed. My question is about the background. How you draw on a blackboard, is it with a layer or from a template. Can you show the process. Once more thanks for the amazing tutorials!

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